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What to do if your engine overheats

No one likes it when our cars overheat. Especially in San Antonio, TX, where the weather can get quite hot. As we move out of winter and start to prepare for warmer weather, here are some tips you can do to prevent the likelihood of an overheated engine ruining your weekend fun.

Why do engines overheat?

Engines overheat for a variety of reasons. Generally, when engines overheat, it is because of the cooling system. When heat cannot escape the engine compartment due to a system leak, a faulty radiator fan, or a broken water pump, this will cause the engine to smoke and force you to pull over.

If the engine’s overheating problem is not treated right away, the engine itself can sustain severe damage. That is why it is essential to go to your trusted bodyshop, like Star Collision Repair, as soon as possible.


What are the signs of an overheating engine?

Spotting the early signs of an overheating engine is beneficial for several reasons. Spotting an overheating engine means that you can fix the problem before the engine fails or obtain irreversible damage. Most importantly, your safety as a driver or passenger will increase.

  • Steam — which can be seen as smoke; will come from under the car hood
  • Temperature gauge — if your dashboard shows an “H”  or is red, this means that your engine is becoming too hot.
  • Smell — the smell is another good indicator. If there is a different smell to your car, that means there might be a leak or burning oil.


What to do if your engine overheats?

    1. Pull over — You should pull over safely while you still can. The longer you drive with an overheating engine, the higher the risk of your engine failing in the middle of the road.
  • Wait — Before you open the hood, wait for the engine to cool. If you open it while it is still hot, you risk getting injured from the steam or smoke.
  • Get help — Call your nearest bodyshop. If you live in the San Antonio area, Star Collision Repair.
  • Restart the engine — Star Collision Repair does offer towing services but if you are not getting your car towed, then carefully restart your engine. Continually check the temperature gauge as you drive, and if it begins to heat up, pull over and wait until it cools back down.

March is coming, and with it, spring break. Everyone at Star Collision Repair hopes everyone has a good and fun spring break with their friends and loved ones. Still, accidents happen, so do not hesitate to call us. If you are in San Antonio, contact us for your free estimate today!


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