Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car- Used cars are reflections of their past. As the potential owner of the car, it’s your right to know the history of the car to help you in the decision-making process. Keep reading for our top questions to ask before you buy a used car.

Why is the car being sold?

This open-ended question can be very telling if a seller answers honestly. They might say they need to find something more reliable, or that performs better in certain ways. A lot of times you’ll get a predictable answer, but it’s worth asking and can show if they’re trustworthy.

Are vehicle history reports available for the car?

It’s pretty simple to look up history reports of a car. But some owners are good at keeping track of everything. They might be able to provide you more in addition to a carfax report. If their answer is no, that’s usually a red flag. Make sure to get the VIN of the vehicle to verify the records.

Has the vehicle been in an accident?

You should be able to tell if the vehicle has been in an accident through the history report, however not all accidents are reported. If the car was in an accident, you’ll need to know where the damage was done and how it was fixed. If it’s not on the history report, ask for personal records documenting the accident.

What features are you aware of that are damaged or malfunctioning?

A seller should be able to provide this information quickly and with detail. If they beat around the bush and describe vaguely what is wrong, there’s probably a lot more wrong than they’re letting on. Have them show you where the issues are. Older cars nearly always have issues, even if they’re minor. So if the answer is “no,” it’s probably not true.

Can I have my mechanic perform an inspection of the car?

If you’re not an expert with cars, take the car to your mechanic or bring a trusted friend with auto experience along. If the owner agrees, your mechanic should do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and help you come to a decision if it’s worth buying or not. If the seller won’t let a mechanic take a look or is uncomfortable with a friend looking under the hood, this is not the car for you.

Do you have the title in hand?

Don’t assume that because the seller is selling this car, they are the legal owner with the title. The car might belong to a family member, or they might not be able to locate the title. If you can’t access the title, the car cannot legally be yours. And it might not be legally theirs either!

Here at Star Collision, we want to help you get the best deal on a used car! Our team is committed to performing thorough inspections to provide our customers with the service they need in making a decision for a used car. Call us today!

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