Top 3 Causes Drivers Bring their Vehicles to an Auto-Body Shop

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We drive everywhere and this causes our vehicles to experience the typical wear-and-tear but there are often situations where our vehicles require more repairs than a simple tire rotation and oil change. Some of the most common reasons that people bring their vehicles to our San Antonio auto-repair shop include car accidents, dings and dents, and paint touch-ups.

Your car is an asset, and we can help you when something goes wrong with your car. We are the experts and can help you have any damages repaired, done right the first time.

Let’s break down these common issues and what they mean for your vehicle.


  1. Rear-end and Front-end collision. Accidents happen and the most common are typically rear-end collisions. You’re sitting at a red light and then suddenly you’re shoved forward, you’ve been “rear-ended.” Typically, this type of accident from the exterior damages your bumper, taillights, and trunk. The true extent of the damage is sometimes not visible and bringing your vehicle to Star Collision can help better diagnose the damages. The same circumstances happen with front-end collisions. Bumpers, grills, hoods, and headlights are often obviously damaged and once you bring your vehicle into our San Antonio auto body shop, we can get to the bottom of the damages.
  2. Nobody likes to see a ding or dent on your car. Usually, we notice them at parking lots when someone parks too closely, opens their door and slams your car. Other reasons are caused by Mother Nature, like hail damage or strong winds that knock down tree limbs and land on your car. These types of damages don’t usually cause too much damage, but we can help fix those slight damages when you bring your vehicle in.
  3. Harsh weather can damage the paint on your vehicle. If you live in an area that has frequent rain or a harsh winter like heavy snow and ice, your vehicle’s paint can become weathered, and damaged. High heat temperatures can also cause auto-body damage as well. Bringing your vehicle into Star Collision can help you get your automobile’s body back to looking brand new.

From major to minor auto body issues, we can help pinpoint the problems hiding under the vehicle’s body. Let our team of professionals assess the damages and we can get you back on the road in a timely manner, rest assured that you will be back to driving safely on the road again.

 Star Collision Repair has long been serving the San Antonio, Texas area for many years. We specialize in auto paint, frame repairs, bumper repairs, windshield, dent removal, and other common damages. Contact us for a quote at 210-256-7827.

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