Paint Repair Process

No matter how severe the repaint job looks in the beginning, the sign of a great paint job is when our work is completely invisible to the naked eye – as if you never needed a paint job in the first place.

We achieve this through adhering to a few key best practices, including techniques like Computerized Color Matching, Establishing the Surface, and Paint Application. Read below for more info!

Computerized Color Matching

We use this state-of-the-art technology to identify both the perfect paint match and finish to get you back on the San Antonio roads with a look to turn heads.

Establishing the Surface

Establishing the Surface means prepping your vehicle’s repair area’s surface through cleaning, priming, and sanding before we apply the paint.

Paint Application

We paint your car by mixing the matching base coat, applying it, adding a topcoat, and finishing with a clear coat to make your vehicle look shiny and new.


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