5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Vehicle

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Making New Year’s resolutions is a long-standing tradition that dates back about 4,000 years. While many can argue that most New Year’s resolutions do not last past January, self-improvement is an idea that is relevant any time of the year.

Driving, especially around San Antonio, is a necessity for most. Since driving is part of one’s daily routine, it is easy to get comfortable and confident in one’s own driving ability. While confidence and comfort are great while driving, Star Collision Repair fully believes in continually looking for ways to improve. Here are 5 of our recommended resolutions for 2022 to help you become a better driver and prevent future collisions and accidents.


  1. Assess your vehicle’s body regularly

Whether going for a few minor issues or just a regular maintenance check-up, having your car in tip-top shape will always be the safest for you and any of your passengers. It is easy to let minor issues and check-ups go on longer than needed due to busy days and a hectic schedule. Still, it is easier (and cheaper!) to fix the more minor issues rather than wait until a significant problem occurs.

Some main things to look out for this year are oil changes, brake pad replacement, tire care, and your car’s air filter.


  1. Pay more attention on the road

In recent years, cars come equipped with a Bluetooth setting that allows us to be hands-free and avoid distraction. But, with so many new possibilities at our fingertips, distractions have become more accessible than ever. Whether chatting with a friend, listening to Adele’s “30” album, or finally listening to that podcast your officemate keeps on raving about, it is easy to forget you are supposed to be actively paying attention to the road.

This year, turn the volume a little lower and let it be white noise rather than something taking up your focus. You’ll be surprised at all the new details you notice when you do.


  1. Be more courteous to other drivers/Don’t drive angry

We’ve all been warned against road rage, but driving even while just frustrated or exasperated can be dangerous as well. Every driver has experienced at least one encounter with a novice driver, traffic jam, and roadwork construction. These things are inconvenient and can derail your entire schedule. But, as annoying as these instances are, they will pass, and you’ll forget about them a month from now. It’s better to be safe while driving than getting frustrated and having an accident, so try to keep your cool and hang in there. 


  1. Don’t hog the fast lane.

It’s easy to stay in the fast lane when driving in the slow lane feels like it goes at a snail’s pace. While the travel lane can be pretty slow, staying in the fast lane will pose a problem for you and other drivers. There will always be one driver who wants to go faster than you. So rather than stay in the fast lane, just move over to pass and go back to the travel lane. While not quicker, practicing these rules and regulations will lead to fewer accidents and collisions.


  1. Polish those skills!

The more you drive, the more confidence you get, and after a while, it is easy to forget simple rules. Rules such as using your turn signals are in the basics of driving but no less critical. Like with any skill, continuing education helps sharpen and enhance your abilities. That being said, learning can be fun as well! Looking into advanced driving courses or even taking race track lessons can make driving fun while improving your fundamental driving skills.


Try as we might, the possibility of getting into a collision will always be present as long as we are in a vehicle, even when it is no fault of our own! Star Collision Repair is here to make the whole process easier by providing you with a free estimate on all collision repairs.


To get a free estimate, just text us, give us a call, or visit our website at StarCollisionRepair.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate! Star Collision Repair is dedicated to providing the best auto body repair for our customers in San Antonio and the surrounding area. 


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