Why is it important to repair your vehicle’s frame?

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The primary purpose of an autobody frame is to support the mechanical components of the vehicle as well as other important body elements, like the front and rear bumpers. A sound frame keeps your car doors aligned, supports its bumper and motor, and serves as the foundation and protection for the rest of your car. It also serves to help the vehicle bear dynamic loads of cargo and people during travel without the vehicle getting distorted and bent out of shape. 

When the frame is damaged, your mechanical functioning is left weakened and at risk of further damage, which could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in mechanical repair. The safety of the bumpers is also reduced when they lack support from a sturdy vehicle frame. 

Safety is a very important feature of what your frame provides. Autobody frames keep everyone inside the vehicle safe in the event of a crash as the main layer of protection. If the frame is damaged, the rest of the vehicle’s safety features are also weakened, leaving you with less protection. 

When we’re repairing a vehicle’s frame, we first measure the extent of the damage and how much the frame has been bent, then we use an auto body frame machine to push and pull it back to its original shape. Then you can hit the road sturdy, strong, and safe. 

Do you have concerns about your frame’s sturdiness? Give us a call at 210-256-7827! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a free estimate. Star Collision Repair is dedicated to providing the best auto body repair for our customers in San Antonio

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