5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

With the cold weather merging with rainy season, it is key to be prepared for possible hail storms. In Texas, many individuals find their cars being damaged by these unpredictable storms and in need of urgent auto repair. To avoid possible hail damage to your vehicles, we want to share some easy tips to protect your car.


Seek cover


This might seem pretty obvious, but many times we find ourselves rushing home when we feel hail storms approaching. Although it might seem logical at the time, the best route to take is finding the nearest gas station, shopping mall or building where you can wait for the storm to pass. Having these locations readily available through your GPS will help you avoid the harmful consequences of hail hitting your vehicle. 


Always have emergency gear in hand


Many don’t know that ordinary household items play a big role in protecting cars from hail. Thick blankets, cardboard, and even sheets can help stall some of the damage that hail will most-likely cause on the car’s surface. Keeping some of these spare items in your trunk or back seat is an easy tip to rely on when you know the hail season is approaching. Despite not keeping the damage from happening, it definitely helps when the garage isn’t available! 


Check the forecast


Another pretty straightforward tip, but monitoring weather apps is a lot more beneficial than it seems! You can also find platforms that send you text reminders when cold fronts, storms, or hail starts happening and allows you to quickly prepare for what’s to come. We recommend doing research on the best applications available in your city, and downloading immediately. 


Insurance is no joke!


Include comprehensive or rental insurance as part of your yearly expenses. You never know when hail storms might hit, and being prepared will benefit you in the long run. In the end, you’ll be able to get the best possible repair coverage by having readily available auto insurance to fix the damage. 


Windshields also matter

Windshield Hail DamageOne last, yet important, tip is to consider other robust parts of your vehicle such as windshields and mirrors when protecting your vehicle. These areas might not be protected by a simple blanket, but having boxes or other harder protective materials on hand will help keep these from getting harmed along the way. 

Still need help?

Too late to put these tips into practice? Come visit us at Star Collision Repair and our experts will assure your car looks good as new after hail damage!

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