How to Maintain Your Windshield

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Having a crystal-clear windshield helps San Antonio drivers stay safe on the road. Aside from allowing you to see the road clearly and protecting you from nature’s elements, in the unfortunate event of a serious accident, the windshields can prevent the roofs of your cars from caving in and even keep passengers from being thrown from the vehicle.

Maintaining a pristine uncracked windshield is an important aspect of owning a vehicle. Drivers who have imperfections in their glass, drive with the constant worry that their crack may get worse.

Just like we routinely check and maintain other parts of our car, drivers can take preventative measures to take care of their windshield. Thankfully maintaining a good windshield is simple.

How to Maintain Your Windshield

1. Don’t Slam Your Doors

Slamming your car door in frustration or road rage won’t make you or your car feel better. Slamming your car door causes excessive vibrations that can damage your windows.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Living in Texas this tip can be challenging, but if possible park in shaded areas to protect your vehicle from the sun’s UV rays which can wear out the structural integrity and tint of your windshield over time.

3. Replace Your Windshield Wipers Regularly 

Bad windshield wipers not only reduce your visibility but also run the risk of damaging your windshield. When your wipers wear out, you might hear a scraping sound when you turn on your wipers, this is from the metal blade rubbing against your windshield. If your windshield wipers aren’t clearing the water from your windshield it’s probably time for a replacement.

4. Fix Chips & Cracks ASAP

Windshield damage can happen to anyone. If you get caught behind a truck with loose materials, flying debris can hit your car and cause an unwanted crack. Usually, chips or cracks start off small and drivers don’t worry too much about them. But putting off your repair is risky because in most cases these small repairable imperfections in the glass grow to become huge, unrepairable cracks, forcing drivers to get a full replacement.

Have a chip or crack in your windshield? Why wait until it becomes a major issue, come visit us at Star Collision Repair and our experts will get your windshield replaced!

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