5 Signs To Look For If Your Car Needs Maintenance

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Although most of us use a recurring calendar to schedule car maintenance, there are times when you might need to consider going into the shop sooner. Read our five signs to know if your car needs maintenance.

1) Uncommon sounds 

As drivers, we definitely know our car like the back of our hand. This is why you will immediately notice any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle during times of acceleration, climbing hills, going through rocky roads, etc. This is a good indicator that your car might be experiencing technical difficulties and requires a service check. Even if you believe it might be a problem you can solve on your own, we recommend getting help from a professional. 

2) Engine warning light

Although some newer vehicles have special warning signs to alert you when you need to get your car checked, you might not be aware of what these are. If you start noticing a yellow light on your dashboard, this is indicating that your car is experiencing engine troubles.  It is key to schedule a maintenance appointment as soon as this appears to avoid any long-term damage. 

3) Constant stalling 

If you start noticing stalling as you drive, and the engine starts cutting off, this is an indicator of some serious problems occurring. Although there are many different reasons this could be happening, it usually stems from fuel clogs, faulty plugs, and even engine problems. It’s crucial to get an expert to take a look at the issue before it causes further damage to your car. 

4) Trouble starting

When your car doesn’t start as quickly as it used to, take notice. Even if you believe it might be a harmless error because it eventually starts, letting it continue to happen can cause long-term problems that will be difficult to solve in the future. 

5) Leaking

Although this one might seem really straightforward, many times you might ignore leaks and think they’re harmless. Usually, these leaks can be an indicator of an issue in the machinery of your car. If you notice unusual leaking, contact a mechanic and schedule your next maintenance appointment for assistance.


Is your car ready for maintenance? 

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