Windshield Repair

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Once your vehicle experiences a windshield crack, it can become dangerous quite quickly. Windshield cracks and damage can weaken your windshield in the case of several events such as: automobile accidents, flying rocks, hail, pressure changes, harsh sunlight, or glass imperfections.

Glass often expands in hot weather and contracts when it gets cold. So if the windshield crack experiences either of these external extremities, the crack will spread abruptly. This damage will ultimately distort your vision while driving. In Texas, drivers can be issued a ticket for having a crack in their windshield on the drivers side that obstructs their line of sight. To protect your safety, and to avoid being pulled over, it is recommended to replace your entire windshield as soon as possible.

Though this task might seem tedious, at Star Collision, our experience allows us to handle this objective with efficiency and care. Our process for Windshield repair is simple:


  1. First, we remove the trim holding your current windshield in place.
  2. Next, we remove your windshield very carefully using special techniques.
  3. Then, we clean the pinch weld, the gap between the windshield and the car’s body.
  4. Following that step, we apply a substance on the pinch weld called “urethane,” which is the glue that holds the new windshield in place.
  5. Finally, we install your new windshield, carefully fitting it over your car so it fits exactly where the old one was.

We guarantee you will be driving in no time, and be able to see clearly once more. For your safety, and the safety of others, please contact us to get your windshield repaired today. We pride ourselves on providing quality craftsmanship and outstanding service.

We would love to assist you! You can call us at (210) 361-9061, or visit our website,, to get a free estimate.

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