3 Auto Body Maintenance Tips to Keep You Safe

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Of course mechanical maintenance of your vehicle is important for keeping your car running safe and smooth, but did you know that it’s also important to maintain your vehicle’s body?

Here are three tips for auto body maintenance that you can follow on a regular basis to keep you safe on the road.

Maintain your car’s exterior lights — It is important to keep your headlights clean, clear, and new for safe night driving. To make sure your headlights and taillights are functioning properly, turn on your vehicle and make sure the lights are on. Then walk around the vehicle and make sure that all lights are on. Don’t forget to test your blinkers in the front and the back as well. This test is easier with two people to help, but it can be done on your own as well. If the lights are dull and dingy, they need to be cleaned or even replaced. Your lights should be able to shine brightly in order to see well at night and alert other drivers of your presence.

Keep the interior of your car clean — Dust can gather on the screen for your backup cameras and on your windows, making driving more hazardous by inhibiting visibility. Making sure that your car interior is vacuumed and dusted on a regular basis can give you a clearer view of the road and your surroundings. Also make sure that you clear away trash or other items that could roll under your pedals and make it difficult to break.

Wash and wax your vehicle — Washing and waxing your car can protect your auto body from harmful weather damage. Having an auto body free of rust and chips means it’s stronger and offers more protection in case of a collision. You should try to have your car waxed two times a year at minimum.

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